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Smacked Cucumber Chinese Recipe

Cold Smacked Cucumber Chinese Food Recipe
Cold Cucumber – Easiest Chinese recipe in the world.

Impress your friends with a cold cucumber, possibly the easiest Chinese food to make. It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s also very good to eat. Cool and refreshing, it is a perfect foil to other Chinese food which is hot, oily and spicy.

The name might sound rather uninspiring, but the dish is well worth a try. Really, it’s nice, and it’s a Chinese staple.

All you need is a cucumber, garlic, soy sauce and vinegar, and preferably a nice big Chinese cleaver.

The method of chopping the cucumber is rather unusual, but it is bascially all you have to do to make this dish. Be careful, and don’t try it if you don’t have a suitably huge, sturdy knife. Also, don’t sue us. If anything goes wrong, it’s your own silly fault.

Take the cucumber, with the ends chopped off, and lay it on a chopping board so it points away from you. Hold the cleaver in your left hand (vice versa for lefties) and hold it so the blade is flat against the cucumber (sharp side pointing away from you). Make a fist with your right hand, and give the cleaver a whack. The idea is that the cucumber bursts, but isn’t turned to mush. Take the debris and slice it into shapes resembling what you would cut a carrot into for dips.

If that sounds too hard, you can drop the cleaver bit and just cut the cucumber normally.

Cut the garlic (as much as you like, but i would use a few cloves) as small as possible. Lob the cucumber and garlic into a mixing bowl, and then as much soy and vinegar as you like (but roughly equal amounts of each). Mix it all up and serve. If you want, you could add a tiny dash of sugar, salt and sesame oil. With the sesame oil, you literally only want one or two drops or it will ruin the whole dish.

Chinese people would serve cold dishes at the start of a meal, then the hot ones.

By the way, the idea of the cleaver business is that it leaves the edges of each part of cucumber jagged, rather than smooth, so they hold the vinegar and soy better. That, and splatting the cucumber into pieces saves a lot of chopping.

Unfortunately, unlike many Chinese dishes, this one is not as good if you leave it in the fridge overnight.

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