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Chinese Old Vinegar Peanuts Recipe

Easy Chinese Food Recipes- Old Vinegar Peanuts
Chinese Recipe – Old Vinegar Peanuts

Old Vinegar Peanuts – Lǎo Cù Huāshēng Mĭ – 老醋花生米

I was sitting on a bus the other day and banging on about Chinese food, and the nice girl I was speaking to said she liked vinegar, so I promised to post a kind of Chinese food involving vinegar. If you’re reading this, Rachel, then hello and I hope you enjoyed your weekend of sin.

This dish is incredibly easy to make and very, very common in Beijing, although non-existent in Chinese Restaurants outside China.

It’s a bit snacky, so you definitely need to make something else to go with. Today I and my family ate it along with steaming bowls of rice noodles in soup, a cold cucumber, (See the ‘smacked cucumber recipe’)tomatoes, and seaweed & sweetcorn.

It’s pretty easy to make, but Chinese people will probably debate the exact method, there are infinite varieties, but here’s how I do it:

Basic Ingredients: Peanuts (raw, unsalted, a few hundred grams), Vinegar (a lot, I like balsamic vinegar), sugar, coriander (cillantro), Chinese 5 spice.

Fry the peanuts. This takes quite a lot of oil at a high heat, about five minutes until they start to smell fragrant. Then leave the peanuts to cool. This might take about twenty minutes – I cover them and leave them outside.

Once the peanuts have cooled you’ve basically finished. Put them in a bowl and pour in enough vinegar to half cover them . Now add a few dessert spoons of sugar, use a spoon to grind it into the vinegar until it dissolves. Mix in the coriander, raw (I would chop it), a few pinches of 5-spice, and stir it all up.

You’re done. The sugar should counteract the sharpness of the vinegar.

It might be a bit too vinegary for some tastes – remember it’s not meant to be eaten alone. You could try adding a bit more sugar.

Alternative recipes might add chilli powder instead of 5-spice or spring onions instead of coriander.

PS: The photo’s a bit misleading, it looks like there’s not all that much vinegar. There should me more than that, they should be steeped in it.

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