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Chinese Chili Dipping Sauce Recipe

Easy Chinese Food Recipes - Chilli Dipping Sauce
An easy recipe for chili dipping sauce

This chili sauce is meant for dipping Chinese food in, (anything from spring rolls to dumplings), but I’m not above using it to add spice to salads or brighten up chili con carne.

Vital ingredients are vegetable oil (around 200ml) and dried chilis (7-10). Also good would be garlic, (as much as you like), red onion (half a small one) and a dash of salt.

Chop the chilis into flakes not much more than 1cm across. Chop everything else even smaller. Heat the oil until it’s simmering, but not boiling. Add the chilis, seeds and all, and everything else, and take it off the heat. Leave it to infuse until the oil has cooled (overnight if necessary).

You’ll end up with a beautiful orange sauce, fairly spicy, that tastes sinful and smells like edible heaven.

Now wasn’t that easy?

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