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Chinese Recipes

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Easy Chinese Food Recipes

Easy Chinese Food Recipes
Real Chinese food, easy Chinese food

Every Beijing tourist notices that the Chinese food they eat in restaurants in China is vastly different from that served back at home: Many end up wishing they could take a Chinese chef back with them.

Sadly people smuggling is not one of the services Beijing Made Easy can provide, but we are happy to suggest a few really easy Chinese food recipes. These recipes are all for very common Chinese dishes – if you’ve been to China before then the chances are that you’ll recognise a few of them.

One of the challenging things about cooking Chinese food is that Chinese cooks don’t go in for very precise recipes. Cookery is an art, so to give a precise recipe with exact weights and measures would like painting by numbers. You just have to get stuck in and enjoy yourself.

Have fun and duō chī diǎnr! (Eat plenty)

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