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Chinese Phrasebook: Greetings, Pronouns and Times

Chinese Phrasebook: Greetings and Civilities in Mandarin

How to say hello, goodbye etc in Chinese.

English Pinyin Chinese
Hello Nĭhăo 你好
Have you eaten? Nĭ chīfànle ma? 你吃饭了吗?

(‘Have you eaten?’ is a Very Chinese greeting)

Goodbye Zàijiàn 再见
Thanks Xièxie 谢谢
Sorry Duìbùqĭ 对不起
You’re welcome Búyòngxiè 不用谢
You’re welcome Búkèqi 不客气

Chinese Language Phrasebook: Pronouns
English Pinyin Chinese
He/She/It 他/她/它
We Wǒmen 我们
You (pl) Nĭmen 你们
They Tāmen 他们

Chinese Phrasebook: Mandarin Phrases for Asking and Telling Time
English Pinyin Chinese
What (‘s the) time? Jĭdiăn (le) 几点了
1.05 1 diăn 5 fēn 1点5 分
2.30 2 diăn bàn 2点半
2.15 2diăn yíkè 2点一刻

Chinese people rarely refer to times in terms of something to the hour, but..

Ten to 3 Chà shí fēnzhōng 3 diăn 差10分钟3点
AM/PM Zăoshang/Xiàwǔ 早上/下午
Now Xiànzài 现在
In a moment Yíhuìr 一会儿
Yesterday Zuótiān 昨天
Today Jīntiān 今天
Tomorrow Míngtiān 明天
Day after tomorrow Hòutiān 后天

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