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Chinese Phrasebook: Basics & Emergencies

Chinese Language Phrasebook: The Absolute Basics
English Pinyin Chinese Characters
Hello Nĭhăo 你好
How much/many (money)? Duō shăo (qián)? 多少(钱)
Thanks Xièxie 谢谢
Sorry Duìbùqĭ 对不起
I don’t understand Wǒ bù dǒng 我不懂
Go away Zǒukāi 走开
I don’t want it Wǒ bú yào 我不要

Chinese Language Phrasebook: Emergencies
English Pinyin Chinese characters
Help! Jiùmìng! 救命!
Police Jĭngchá 警察
Thief Xiăo tōu 小偷
Rapist Qiángjiānfàn 强奸犯
I’m ill Wǒ shēng bìng le 我生病了
I’m injured Wǒ shòu shāng le 我受伤了
Hospital Yīyuàn 医院

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