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Mandarin Sex Phrasebook

Chinese Sex Talk

Some Chinese words for sex really sound quite beautiful, and you should say them to your lover if you can – otherwise the slightly more blunt modern words below are also fine.

Nice words first:

|*English*|*Pinyin*|*Chinese*| |Oral Sex M-F (Lit: Taste peach)|Pĭntáo|品桃| |Oral Sex F-M (Lit: Play the flute)|Chuīxiāo|吹箫| |Make love (Lit: Together-joy)|Héhuān|合欢| |Clitoris (Lit: Stamen)|Huāruĭ|花蕊| |Anus (Lit: Chrysanthemum)|Júhuā|菊花|

And the more usual words:

English Pinyin Chinese
Sex Xìng
To make love Zuò aì 做爱
Shag Dǎ pào 打炮
Shag(lit: Fry Rice) Chǎo fàn 炒饭
F**k (C**t) Cào bī 肏屄
Oral sex Kǒu jiāo 口交
Blowjob Kǒuhuó 口活
Suck cock (lit: To eat ice cream) Chī bīngqílín 吃冰淇淋
Handjob Shǒuhuó 手活
Titw**k Xiōngtuī 胸推
Anal Sex Gāngjiāo 肛交
69 Liùshíjiǔ 69

Things you might want to do:

|*English*|*Pinyin*|*Chinese*| |Fondle|Mō|抹| |Bite|Yǎo|咬| |Lick|Tiǎn|忝| |Pat|Pāi|拍| |Pinch|Nīe|聂| |Twist|Nĭng|拧| |Rub|Róu|揉|

and things you might like to do it to:

English Pinyin Chinese
Breasts Rǔfáng 乳房
Nipples Rǔtóu 乳头
Vagina Yīndào 阴道
Clitoris 阴蒂
Anus Gāngmén 肛门
Penis Jībā 鸡巴
Balls Gāowān 睾丸

And a few words that don’t fit in anywhere else:

English Pinyin Chinese
Orgasm Gāocháo 高潮
Condom Bìyùntào 避孕套
Contraceptive Bìyùnyào 避孕药
Prostitute Jìnǔ 妓女
Hooker (Lit: Little Chicken) Xiǎo Jī 小鸡
Male Prostitute Jìnán 妓男
Gigolo (Lit: Duck) Yāzi 鸭子

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