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Beijing Hotels

Many Beijing hotels offer tours - e.g. to the Great Wall of China
Beijing Hotels – made easy!

Beijing hotels are generally very good. There’s a wide range, from cheap discount hostels to luxury 5 star accommodation. Check out Beijing Made Easy’s Beijing hotel listings for our recommendations, and to leave comments on hotels you’ve stayed in.

Beijing Hotel Prices

Aside from the cost of your plane ticket to China, hotel accommodation will probably be your biggest expense in Beijing. Chinese hotels are expensive compared to the rest of Asia and almost on a par with Europe in some areas. The cheapest bed in central Beijing is around 70RMB – (approximately 9 US$) – a night the most expensive hotel can cost several thousand RMB.

Beijing Courtyard Hotels

Consider staying in one of Beijing’s courtyard hotels. A courtyard hotel is a hotel in the most traditional form of Beijing architecture, the courtyard home or siheyuan. The traditional Beijing home consisted of a series of rooms based around a courtyard – larger houses might consist of several inter-connected courtyards. Now, happily for the Beijing tourist, many of these traditional residences have been converted into hotels. Nothing can rival a Beijing courtyard hotel for peace, tranquillity and charm, and they’re a way of experiencing a more traditional China.

Some of our recommended Courtyard Hotels: Lusongyuan, Red Wall Garden Hotel, Double Happiness Hotel, Zhuyuan – Bamboo Garden Hotel

Beijing Hotels – English

When travellers are unhappy about their Beijing hotels, it’s generally down to cultural differences and communication problems. Whilst Beijing hotel reception staff generally speak excellent English, chambermaids etc very rarely do.

You usually have to pay a deposit – sometimes it’s specifically for the room key, sometimes just a general one. You’ll be given a receipt, be very careful not to lose it, staff will be reuctant to return your deposit without it.

Expect a knock on the door in the morning from someone wanting to tidy your room, and expect the room to be checked before your deposit is returned.

If you have any problems at all, just call the hotel reception from your room phone. They’re invariably happy to help and very polite.

Beijing Hotels – Chinese terms

Also see our Hotels and Accomodation Phrasebook

There are several different Chinese terms for the word ‘hotel’ – they can all be translated to hotel – but there are differences.

Bīnguǎn – 宾馆 which literally means hotel – usually mid range.

eg. Běijīng Zhúyuán Bīnguǎn – Beijing Bamboo Garden Hotel

Jiǔdiàn – 酒店 which is literally ‘alcohol shop’ – but is usually a posh hotel.

e.g. Běijīng Wángfù Bàndǎo Jiǔdiàn – Beijing Peninsula Hotel

Fàndiàn – 饭店 which means restaurant – but also an upmarket hotel.

e.g. Běijīng Guójì Fàndiàn – Beijing International Hotel

Lǚguǎn – 旅馆 which usually refers to youth hostels and budget hotels

e.g. Běijīng Yǒuyì Lǚguǎn – Beijing Friendship Hotel

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