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Acommodation fit for an Emperor - The Forbidden City
Beijing Hotel Reviews – made easy!

Welcome to the Beijing Made Easy hotel reviews section – either choose somewhere to stay from our list of hotels, or leave your comments on a hotel you’ve stayed in.

We rank hotels by three criteria, the official tourist board star rating, by our own opinion, and by price. Our rating criteria are very strict, don’t take a low score as condemnation

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Beijing Hotels: Kunlun Hotel Beijing

Hotel Kunlun Beijing

The five star Kunlun Hotel Beijing (Kūnlún Fàndiàn – 昆仑饭店) is one of the best Beijing hotel options for the tourist or business traveller. One of the best located Beijing hotels, it also features a 29th floor revolving restaurant.

5 Star Official Rating   4 Star Rating   4 Dollar Rating
Beijing Yuyang Hotel by the Liangma River

Beijing Yuyang Hotel

Beijing Yuyang Hotel, a good location by the Liangma River and far from the tourist spots.

4 Star Official Rating   2 Star Rating   3 Dollar Rating
Beijing Red Wall Hotel near the Forbidden City

Beijing Redwall Hotel

The Beijing Red Wall Hotel enjoys an incredible location at a reasonable price. It’s within walking distance of the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and some of Beijing’s best shopping – Wangfujing.

3 Star Official Rating   4 Star Rating   3 Dollar Rating
Beijing Lusongyuan Hotel Courtyard

Beijing Lusongyuan Hotel

Beijing Lusongyuan is one of the most popular of Beijing’s courtyard hotels. It combines old fashioned Beijing architecture and Chinese charm with comfort and facilities.

3 Star Official Rating   5 Star Rating   3 Dollar Rating
Beijing Jin Ya Hotel Courtyard

Beijing Jin Ya Hotel

Beijing Jin Ya Hotel offers central 3 star accommodation in a traditional Chinese courtyard home.

3 Star Official Rating   4 Star Rating   2 Dollar Rating

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